White Blackmail

ISBN:9780578472959; e-ISBN:9781733808897 Publisher: viprA

White Blackmail is a novel which revolves around an ambitious scientist who believes he has a game changing cancer treatment, a pre-teen with cancer who may not live to see her teenage years, and their respective families who believe they are justified in looking out for their interests.

As events unfold in contemporary New Jersey and Maryland, White Blackmail offers a glimpse into the mechanics of the
discovery of new therapeutics, and the underlying human element which is the final arbiter of success and failure.

Selected Readers’ Comments:
“…Let’s just say this book had me at the title. About friendship, illness and betrayal, the reader is rewarded with a plethora of insider medical info and an unexpected ending.” Cynthia Dial (Travel Writer) on Facebook, Twitter.
“I just finished reading this book and haven’t enjoyed a medical thriller as much since Robin Cook. The story unfolds at a perfect pace and packs a real-life situation of illness, human emotions, and provides a fascinating peek into the process of scientific discovery in the real world. I found myself eager to learn how it resolves. In addition to the content, I found the presentation of the book very friendly to the reader. It’s an enjoyable read and while biology buffs will certainly relish it, I’m sure other readers will like it too.” A customer on amazon.in.