I spent my formative years in India and consider myself lucky to have had the experience of growing up in four distinct cultures of the west, east and south of the sub-continent. Since then, I lived and worked in India and the US, and traveled to several countries, especially those where I have friends and colleagues. A scientist by training, my writing is an amalgamation of my interests in culture, travel, and science.

In addition to the study of biology and human disease, I enjoy experiencing and exploring other cultures, ideas, and customs. I believe a good narrative- fiction or non-fiction- that is told well communicates ideas across borders and cultures, and hopefully results in greater global understanding of diverse veins running through the global human family.

My fiction and non-fiction follow upon threads of my experiences and imagination, some nostalgic others historical, but often revolving around the country of my birth. And yet others follow a different path and are of a scientific bent.

I contribute regularly as a columnist for India Currents, an award winning San Francisco based community journalism initiative serving the Southeast Asian diaspora since 1987. In addition to Travel, Heritage, Opinion pieces, I regularly contribute a Health & Wellness column entitled: Engage!

I am a Board member of the National chapter of the Women’s National Book Association, USA and am happy to interact with local and national authors to sustain a supportive, inclusive, and creative community.

Proud to mention that I was an Authentic Voices Fellow (2021), and thoroughly enjoyed an immersive experience in all aspects of publishing.

I travel for pleasure and work, and enjoy experiencing ancient as well as newer cultures. My interest in biology extends to plants, and in addition to volunteering with the Research group at Longwood Gardens, I spend many a quiet hour tending to my bonsais and orchids.