Published Work (Selected)

Scenes from Heritage and Travel articles published in India Currents

India Currents articles:

  • 2021:
  • Malaria Remains a Health Problem in Southeast Asia. (Online December 3, 2021)
  • Navrathri: A Time for Enjoyment and Reflection. (Online November 1, 2021)
  • The Asian Penchant for Boiled Water. (Online August 30, 2021)
  • Two Fallouts of Working Behind a Screen. Health article related to eye-care, screen-time and moderation (Online April 27, 2021)
  • Madhumeha: Ancient Origins, Recent Epidemic. Health article about diabetes in Southeast Asian communities (Online April 5, 2021)
  • Eat Yourself to Health. Health article about beneficial spices. (Online Feb 22, 2021)


  • Healthy Mind, Healthy Body. Health article discussing the stigma related to mental health issues (Online July 11, 2019)
  • Of Caves, Art and Piety. Heritage/Culture article showcasing the Buddhist cave temples in India- A legacy of petrified time (Online June 11, 2019)
  • Girivalam: Experience at Tiruvannamalai. Travel (Reprinted Online Jan 2, 2019)


  • Rishikesh- A Rarefied and Universal Appeal. Travel (Online July 10, 2018)
  • Intrigues in a Waning Travancore. Book Review of ‘The Ivory Throne in India’ (Online Mar 26, 2018)


  • Girivalam: Experience at Tiruvannamalai. Travel (Online October 2017; reprinted Jan 2, 2019)

LIFE CYCLES (Short story; non-fiction) in an Anthology of the Authentic Voices Program entitled ‘The Roots That Help Us Grow‘. Publisher: The Nasiona (2021).